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- Friday Apr 3 - 11:38pm

Why working hard is no longer enough

Yahoo Finance anchor Jen Garner and I discuss why working hard and playing by the rules--the OLD rules--is no longer a likely pathway to success. The economy has changed in ways that are accurately articulated by few and misunderstood by many, which has left the middle class adrift. To start playing by the new rules, start by avoiding these four terrible financial blunders, which I describe in Liberty for All and also lay out in this post for Yahoo Finance.

  • Paul

    Mark Levin will school you in what is Liberty. Like giving your money to Obama (record tax collections--AMERICA IS WINNING!) so he can spend it on waste, fraud (Govt Web Sites for Obamacare that never worked or even pretended to work?)
    Give up. You must be rolling in the cash. AHAAHhhhAAHHHAAaa

    • Andre

      Allow me to clarify Paul's comment:


      You're welcome.