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- Friday Sep 24 - 7:59pm

“Why Everyone Should Read Rebounders”

At the recent Milken Institute Global Conference in Los Angeles, I bumped into Leo Bottary of Vistage International, the CEO peer-advisory group.  Leo bought a copy of Rebounders and graciously asked me to sign it. Then, after reading it, he posted a heartfelt blog entry, relating some of the ups and downs in his own career that Rebounders made him think about:

Let me share why I connected to the book as a reader.   I once said to myself that when I thought my best work was behind me, I would stop what I was doing and try something else.  For many years, I did not follow my own advice.  I went through a period of being burned out on the communication business.  My best work was fading further into the background.   I was going through the motions and while realizing limited success, it was only because I had been doing it for so long. (More...)

You can finish reading Leo's post on your own, obviously. My only addition: I included some of my own Rebounding experiences in this book in the hope that readers night share their own Rebounding experiences in return, whether by telling me about them, writing about them, singing about them, telling stories to their grandkids or just starting a conversation. Leo got it. Thanks, Leo.