Team Trump = the last responders
- Friday Apr 3 - 11:38pm

Refusing to vaccinate your kids is more like cowardice than liberty

Liberty is a harder to understand than we assume. It means you can do whatever you want, right? As a matter of fact, it doesn't. We are learning that now as we muddle through the complications of an anti-vaccination movement that has led to a completely unnecessary measles outbreak centered in California. Some parents feel they can do with their kids as they please--but they fail to understand that "liberty" to one person can actually interfere with the liberty of another, such as parents who don't want to have their kids exposed to the risk of measles and other viruses. We have dumbed down the concept of liberty, as I write in this story for Yahoo News--which has garnered several thousand comments. My plea in Liberty for All is for us to return to a richer understanding of liberty and once again properly cultivate this priceless American trait.

  • loy oake

    As we see more and more of our freedoms suppressed by this Socialist, power hungry administration, people lash out at any opportunity to express frustration. Most are sociaily acceptable events but many escalate to extreme activism. Obama was raised a communist organizer and despises our military and corporate strengths. The huge debt and Obamacare costs and administration are a stranglehold on our economy and stock market.

  • Darrell Click

    I just read an article by Rick Newman saying that Democrats should give trump some credit for the economy. He certainly has helped but there are a lot of people behind the scenes that have made our economy better (and they are not all republicans). It sounded as if you were saying, forget he is a racist, womanizer, rapist/sexual assaulter, homophobe and that is for starters. He would not even be President if it were not for his good pal putin. The election was a sham and trump is right in the middle of the shithole. What is going to happen when everyday Americans find out what a scam the tax code is, purposely making him and his white supremacist friends even richer. Nobody needs to admit anything. He will be gone soon know matter how the economy is doing. I am disappointed in Mr. Newman's rationalization.