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Rebounders errata

I started my career in journalism as a fact-checker, and I hate published mistakes as much as anybody. But I also know it's impossible to prevent all of them, especially in something as wide-ranging as a book can be.

So I must grudginly acknowledge two mistakes in Rebounders that I am aware of:

On p. 13, it says that "America itself essentially failed under the Articles of Constitution...." Obviously I meant to say the Articles of Confederation. I went back through various versions of the manuscript to see how this embarrassing mistake happened, and it looks as if I wrote it this way from the very beginning. I re-read the manuscript many times afterward and never noticed the mistake. The source for this passage was Catherine Drinker Bowen's superb Miracle at Philadelphia, which is about the drafting of the Constitution, so I suppose I simply had the word "constitution" on my mind while working on this section and never noticed that the wrong word was there. It's funny what tricks your mind can play on you.

On p. 23, it says that Thomas Edison's losses on his Ogden mine works totaled more than $2 million, which would be the equivalent of $50 today. Spot the error? It should be $50 million today, not $50. The word "million" was inadvertantly deleted somwhere in the editing process.

I wish I could correct these errors immediately in the copies of Rebounders now on sale, but unfortunately I can't. We'll fix them in future editions.