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Refusing to vaccinate your kids is more like cowardice than liberty

Liberty is a harder to understand than we assume. It means you can do whatever you want, right? As a matter of fact, it doesn’t. We are learning that now as we muddle through the complications of an anti-vaccination movement that has led to a completely unnecessary measles outbreak centered in California. Some parents feel […]

Why working hard is no longer enough

Yahoo Finance anchor Jen Garner and I discuss why working hard and playing by the rules–the OLD rules–is no longer a likely pathway to success. The economy has changed in ways that are accurately articulated by few and misunderstood by many, which has left the middle class adrift. To start playing by the new rules, […]

Jim Blasingame’s “Patriot Quiz”

Jim Blasingame, the inimitable “small business advocate,” invited me on his radio show to spar over the concept of economic liberty. We ended up agreeing more than anything else. Jim smartly put me on the spot by asking me to define liberty, and then explain the difference between liberty and freedom. He calls that his “patriot […]

Liberty for All on MSNBC’s The Cycle

I joined Touré and the gang on MSNBC’s The Cycle to discuss what the government can and can’t do for struggling middle-class Americans. A commenter wrote, “This guy is definitely a Libertarian.” Eh…. Decide for yourself. You can watch the clip below, or click here if you have trouble loading it (your popup blocker might be […]

This is why the middle class feels trapped

There are many genuine problems with the U.S. economy–but we also have a lot of bad financial habits that keep us economically shackled. Perhaps the worst of these is spending more than we earn and financing the difference with debt. I spoke recently with Yahoo Finance anchor Jen Rogers about America’s addiction to stuff and the pay-gap trap […]

The new rules for achieving financial freedom

A lot of people think owning a home is the cornerstone of the American Dream. They don’t realize it can lock them in place at a time when it’s more important than ever to have to freedom to chase opportunity. As I wrote recently on Yahoo Finance: Americans have always moved around in search of […]

“Government won’t bring back prosperity. Here’s what will”

Check out my chat with Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief (and my boss) Aaron Task, about Liberty for All. “Rick’s got my vote…. Maybe you should run for office.”

An excerpt from Liberty For All

FROM CHAPTER 1 FREEZING FOR FREEDOM “YO, RICK! YOU BETTER GET OVER HERE!” The moment before I heard this, an urgent summons was about the last thing I expected. In fact, there were 12 of us each ruing one of the slowest evenings of our lives. One was sick, enduring the woodsman’s nightmare, trying to […]


I appeared on C-Span in December to talk about the most recent unemployment report and other trends in the economy. Host Pedro Eccheveria also gave me a chance to explain Rebounders, around the 9:00-minute mark in this video segment.

Q&A: The Ingredients of Rebounders

Journalist and author Deborah Kalb invited me to discuss the qualities that make a Rebounder, and some of the personal lessons I learned from researching this book, at her new Web site highlighting chats with authors. Check it out here.

“Hopeful and Useful”

Inman News had some nice things to say about Rebounders in a recent review: Newman vividly tells these stories, then deftly uses them to surface dozens of nuanced insights with the power to spark and call forth the individual flavor of resilience within every reader. Check out the complete review here.

“Always have a Plan A and a Plan B”

On Psychology Today’s Web site, psychologist John Manni wrote a nice post explaining how people who are unemployed or struggling with some kind of setback can cope with it in productive ways rather than blaming themselves or dwelling on past decisions. He also offered a few nice words for Rebounders, which he described as a […]

“A Terrific Nonfiction Read”

Westlake Magazine in southern California called Rebounders one of its “hot summer reads.” Here’s why: A terrific nonfiction read, Rick Newman presents, many interesting examples of how famously successful people moved on from failure to achieve their goals. Newman includes stories from the lives of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, James Blake (a tennis player), Jon […]

“That elusive ingredient, hope”

From USA Today’s review of Rebounders: Newman deftly profiles a dozen successful folks, from CEOs to entrepreneurs to musicians to athletes, to find out how setbacks make people stronger and smarter. The stories are rich…. Newman’s insights ring true, and serve up that elusive ingredient, hope, that folks who have taken some blows in these […]

“How To Become More Resilient”

Marty Nemko, host of “Work With Marty Nemko” on NPR affiliate KALW in San Francisco, invited me on his show recently to talk about Rebounders. Marty asked terrific questions and started out with fitting skepticism about rote “comeback” stories that the media tends to oversimplify. That set the stage for a lively discussion. My thanks to […]


WLRN, the public radio affiliate in south Florida, devoted an hour recently to Rebounders and its lessons for ordinary people. Host Joseph Cooper of the program Topical Currents did a terrific job asking insightful questions on helicopter parenting, optimism and the many myths of success. You can listen in here.

“10 Insights From Rick Newman”

I didn’t know I had 10 insights! But Moe Abdou of entrepreneurial networking site 33 Voices helped me discover my inner guru. Click here for the list, or listen to the podcast of my interview with Moe.

“There Are Good Ways and Bad Ways To Fail”

Next Avenue, a new Web sited devoted to “adult life, part 2,” recently published a synopsis of Rebounders, with four discrete takeaways for mid-career people considering something new. Click here to check it out.

One of the world’s gutsiest women

U.S. News & World Report ran a nice excerpt from Rebounders, from the chapter on Tammy Duckworth, a U.S. Army helicopter pilot who lost her legs when her chopper got shot down in Iraq in 2004. Duckworth described to me how a sense of mission allowed her to endure agonizing pain, overcome the despair that […]

Are You a Rebounder or a Wallower?

Radio host Jim Blasingame of Small Business Radio invited me on his show to discuss some of the lessons in Rebounders for small-business owners. During the first segment, we talked about how to tell if it’s time to walk away from a business or other idea that isn’t working–one of the most difficult challenges a […]

“Why Everyone Should Read Rebounders”

At the recent Milken Institute Global Conference in Los Angeles, I bumped into Leo Bottary of Vistage International, the CEO peer-advisory group.  Leo bought a copy of Rebounders and graciously asked me to sign it. Then, after reading it, he posted a heartfelt blog entry, relating some of the ups and downs in his own career that […]


Simon Constable of the Wall Street Journal did a nice segment on Rebounders on the Journal’s radio program, The Daily Wrap. Click here for the podcast and fast-forward to the 18:20 mark (unless you want to hear the day’s other news first).

Rebounders errata

I started my career in journalism as a fact-checker, and I hate published mistakes as much as anybody. But I also know it’s impossible to prevent all of them, especially in something as wide-ranging as a book can be. So I must grudginly acknowledge two mistakes in Rebounders that I am aware of: On p. […]

“How to Rebound From Failure”

Fox Business’s Gerri Willis invited me on her show, The Willis Report, to explain what ordinary people can learn from Rebounders. You can watch the video by clicking on the player below: Watch the latest video at <a href=”http://video.foxbusiness.com”>video.foxbusiness.com</a>

Deconstructing the core strength of Rebounders

HuffingtonPost contributing editor Debra Ollivier ran a nice Q&A with me on Rebounders, with a slide show highlighting several attributes of Rebounders I identify in the book. In his compelling new book, Newman deconstructs the core strengths of rebounders. One of them is resilience, which Newman defines as the capacity not only to cope with […]

What Steve Jobs, J.K. Rowling and Jack Bogle Have In Common

Yahoo! Finance invited me on its Daily Ticker program with Aaron Task to discuss Rebounders and explain some of the takeaway for ordinary folks. You can watch the video by clicking on the player below:

How Career Setbacks Can Lead to Success

If you’ve ever eaten in an airport, noshed on fried chicken, or snuck away for a cup of coffee and a donut, chances are Jon Luther had a role in your meal. But it took a late-in-the-game comeback for Luther to leave his mark on America’s palate. At the age of 48, Luther left a […]

“A delightful and inspiring book”

Sales and marketing consultant Reg Nordman has some nice words for Rebounders on his blog: Great for a 4 hour plane ride – you will not regret picking this book up. Suggested for parents, and leaders of all types. (More ….)

Rebounders on the Jerry Doyle Show

Radio host Jerry Doyle invited me on air recently to talk about Rebounders. He asked smart, informed questions and went to the trouble to read the book, for which I’m grateful. Here’s an audio clip of the interview. Just click the arrow on the player below: [audio:https://rickjnewman.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/JerryDoyleShow0504121.mp3|titles=JerryDoyleShow050412]

“Such an engaging read”

Risk Management magazine ran a nice review of Rebounders: Everyone faces failure in their lives. But regardless of whether failure comes in the form of a personal crisis or a business setback, it’s not about how you fail, but what you do next. For many people, failure is devastating. It spells the end of the […]

Why Flaming Out Could Be Your Big Career Move

When I started researching my book Rebounders: How Winners Pivot From Setback To Success, I thought I’d have trouble finding high achievers who struggled before hitting the big time. Wrong. One of the surprising insights I gained from writing this book is that most successful people have struggled along the way. Whether your favorite role […]

” Well-written and engaging”

St. Louis Magazine (published in the city where I was born and lived for a couple years) published an early review of Rebounders: …. Rebounders is an intriguing and potentially inspiring nonfiction book that never sinks to sentimentality, but uses facts to show that as we push through adversity (including this recession), we can learn […]

How To Tell If You Want This Book

If you’d like to sample Rebounders, here’s the Introduction, which explains why I wanted to write this book, a bit of what I discovered, and how I hope the book helps readers. I used the Intro to explain a few of my own struggles and share the four surprise about failure that I discovered while […]

How Tiger Woods Can Become a Rebounder

The New York Post recently invited me to explain (okay, guess) why Tiger Woods is having so much trouble returning to his old form: Sports fans would be thrilled. Detractors would forgive his  transgressions. A Tiger Woods comeback would complete the all-American script:  the rise to stardom, the abrupt downfall, the gritty climb back to the […]