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- Friday Apr 3 - 9:05pm

“A Terrific Nonfiction Read”

Westlake Magazine in southern California called Rebounders one of its "hot summer reads." Here's why:

A terrific nonfiction read, Rick Newman presents, many interesting examples of how famously successful people moved on from failure to achieve their goals. Newman includes stories from the lives of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, James Blake (a tennis player), Jon Luther (the CEO of Dunkin’ Donuts), Thomas Keller (a chef and restaurateur) and John Ratzenberger (an actor—“Cheers,” “Toy Story”). Newman shows how even through crushing failures and false starts these resilient people were able to beat the odds and become the famous success stories we know today. Follow Newman on his fascinating search for the characteristics these individuals share that made their success possible.

  • Thinkaboutit

    How about adding some females to the much as we women love taking care of our kids & partners...(afterall where would you and your cronies be without the nurturing moms who brought you up)...we still want to be added to the list to encourage those women who've had to overcome stereotyping, guilt and more in order to succeed