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The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche famously said, “Whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.” But what, exactly, is the connection between hardship and hardiness? Do we really have to endure misery in order to thrive? Are there better and faster ways to convert setbacks into success? Can we learn the lessons borne of struggle without actually struggling?

In an engaging and uplifting presentation, I can explain how “Rebounders” such as Thomas Edison, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, famed baseball manager Joe Torre, Vanguard founder Jack Bogle and Grammy-winning musician Lucinda Williams discovered the elements of success through some of their most difficult experiences. A few of the practical takeaways that can help anyone recover more quickly and effectively from a career or personal setback:

  • Resilience is at least as big a contributor to success as intelligence—and unlike intelligence, nearly everyone can build more resilience.
  • There are good and bad ways to fail.
  • Learning how to fail effectively makes you more comfortable taking risks.
  • Optimism is overrated.
  • Many Rebounders practice “defensive pessimism.”
  • Passion can be misleading.
  • Persistence helps you succeed only if you persist at the right thing.
  • Sometimes quitting can be a springboard to success.
  • Setbacks can be a secret weapon, because they teach things you’ll learn no other way.
  • Virtually everyone can become a Rebounder.

In a tough, Darwinian economy, these types of insights can make the difference between breakthrough success and mediocrity. They also apply to teams, partnerships and even entire companies. To book me for a speaking event, please reach out here. For review copies of Rebounders, images, promotional material or other such information, feel free to contact my publicists at Ballantine: Greg Kubie at gkubie@randomhouse.com or Christine Mykityshyn at cmykityshyn@randomhouse.com. You can also reach out to me with praise, comments or--all right!--criticism using the form below.

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